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Maury Birdwell

Attorney & Founder

A belief in the power of the law to shape and enable success led Maury to earn his law degree at Georgetown University Law Center. After studying under and alongside some of the greatest legal minds in the country he immediately ‘fled’ back West to establish his home in Boulder, Colorado. His passion is to help people and organizations succeed by lending his knowledge and expertise.

As a member of the Colorado National Guard, Maury has served with the 19th Special Forces Group and is currently assigned to the Judge Advocate General’s office providing legal advisement for our state and nation’s armed forces. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the Colorado Bar Association, the Boulder Bar Association, and enjoys assisting the Georgetown Law Admissions Office every year as an alumni interviewer.

When not helping clients navigate the legal landscape, Maury can be found running around the mountains close to home and afar. He has climbed and skied peaks from Alaska to the Alps, Patagonia, and more. His musings have been published in Climbing Magazine, Urban Climber, and more.